India Circus by Krsna Mehta – Website Review and haul

Hi everyone, I am back after a long break of 2 months and now I am blogging right from my home country India. I am finally settled in my home in Bangalore and have a reliable internet connection. Anyway. I was contacted by India Circus team a few weeks ago for a website and product review. I browsed through their website and was drawn to their one-of-a-kind, funky, traditional and yet modern collections of lifestyle products. So I decided to accept the offer to review the India Circus website.

About India Circus:

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Inspirational Quotes for the month of May!

I am excited for the month of May but I am also exhausted after a month of blogging for the A to Z Challenge. I did succeed in completing the challenge and I know I tried hard but I am also aware that I was not able to give my 100%. I will do an in-depth post on my April A to Z challenge. So anyway. Since I feel like skipping a few days of blogging, I think reading some motivational sayings might cheer me up and make me carry on!

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Z is for Zenith! What does it mean to me?

Welcome to the final post of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. This is the second month-long blogging event that I have completed successfully but what makes this more special is that this time I participated with both of my blogs. And I am so proud to admit that I survived the challenge on both fronts. Hurray!

To write the Z post, I had a different subject in mind but then I scratched that to share a tiny little story about my (not technically) first blog.

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YouTube – Why and How I finally started my YT channel!

YouTube has not been around for a decade in my life but I now cannot imagine my life without it! I have found “friends”, recipes, makeup tips, fun and motivation on this platform. Of course the concept of haters is not alien to me but I tend to focus on the positives. If it had not been for YouTube, I might never have made perfect Samosas without the tips from Tarla Dalal, I would never have known LORAC Pro palette if my favorite YouTuber had not raved about it etc. I have been watching YT videos for a little over … Read more

X is for X-factor!

Kudos to me for coming up this ultra original idea of writing a post on this theme for the letter X for my entry to the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Anyhow, the main reason I wanted to write about X-factor is that I feel I always highlight my shortcoming more than mentioning things I do well. I have recently concluded that I do not appreciate myself enough! So here I am discussing my X-factor(s)!

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Travel WISHLIST – 10 Dream Destinations (of mine)

Welcome to Day 26 of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, today is the day of the letter W and I am going to share my Wishlist with you. I have an eye infection and I spent a lot of time on my other blog so I am going to keep this short. All of these countries/places vary in range from from shopping destinations, beach vacations to historical places. I want to see it all. I may not get to travel the world but I will make it a point to visit these 10 places in my life!

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  • Indian Restaurants in Seoul (+review) – Part Two (Vegetarian’s Woes series)

    You are a vegetarian. So what do you eat everyday?

    These are the two questions I get asked the most when someone (non Indian) meets me in South Korea. My Korean friend finds it hard to believe that I have survived all my life without eating any form of meat. All of this does not come as a surprise to me anymore and I am always amused by their innocent questions because they have not lived without different forms of meat all their lives. I patiently and politely tell them that there are hundreds if not thousands of options available … Read more

    Tourist Places in Jeju: Udo Island (South Korea)

    Welcome to Things To Rave About! Today is the day of the letter U at the April A to Z blogging challenge and I have decided to write about Udo Island from Jeju, South Korea. I went to Jeju in June 2013 and fell in love with the scenic beauty evident at every inch of the island. Udo island is the biggest island near Jeju and has many tourist attractions under its belt. I, with my husband and our friends, spent a total of 4 hours at Udo Island and enjoyed every second of our visit. I would highly … Read more

    TAG post: 25 Questions Tag – Facts about me

    I am at the tail of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge and today is the day of the letter ‘T’. I have not done a TAG video or post ever on either of my blogs so I decided to do it today on both. I am doing the 25 Questions Tag – Facts About Me here and This or That Beauty tag on my beauty blog. Let’s get it started!

    blog tag

    Watch my 25 Questions TAG: Facts About me Video:

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    S is for Spring!

    Spring is on its last legs here in Seoul and Summer is right around the corner. The Cherry Blossoms have disappeared. There is greenery everywhere and on this Wordless Tuesday, I wanted to share how I bid goodbye to Spring 2014!

    jeongja in seongnam-si south korea

    I do not usually post personal photos but couldn’t hold myself back on sharing this one!

    cherry blossom festival

    Photos taken in my neighbourhood, Jeongja and Yeouido (at Yeouido Cherry Blossom festival). Hope you liked this post for … Read more