Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) Day 6, Theme – Layer

PADE Day 6 : Theme Layer

I cannot believe that the first Week of Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) is drawing to a close. I’m grateful for the continued support of PADE participants and of course it would not have been possible without my co-host and friend, Sfurti. PADE is moving slowly but surely and it is so heart-warming to see it grow.

Enough of my emotional chitchat, let’s get started for Day 6 of PADE, Theme – Layer

Life is like an onion: you peel off layer after layer and then you find there is nothing in it. ~ James Huneker 

I had selected this quote a couple of days before I started looking for my subject for this theme. It was a coincidence that I had my camera on the day I went shopping and encountered this:

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Under the layers, there’s a soul that lays bare

I liked how it represented the quote completely.

It was a cloudy, dark day and it started drizzling when we walked out of the station. I was adamant to get a good picture so I spent a lot of time juggling my camera, umbrella and handbag!

Photo Perspective: This photo was taken in landscape mode from my Nikon Coolpix L100 camera. The only variation in the photos I took here were the angles at which I stood with respect to the subject.

I hope you liked my interpretation of Theme – Layer. You can also check out all things PADE, including previous PADE entries, on my PADE page. Please share your take on this theme. Also check out other entries and support other PADE participants.

PADE Shutterbugof Day 5 – Distance is Priyam Saikya. Read the winning entry. Special mention to the beautiful sunset by Punit and something special from yesterday’s Shutterbug – Rio De La Sciocco.

Priyam, you can display the Shutterbug badge for your blog from here:

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A PADE Shutterbug!

Stay tuned to find out the Shutterbug for PADE Day 5 – Fresh!

If you are new to PADE, you can still link to the themes done earlier this week. We are accepting entries till 31st July, 2013!

How to Participate

1. In a post meant for this photography challenge, present a photo (fresh or archived) that represents “Layer”.
2. Name the post  ”PADE Day 6 – Layer”. More than one entry/photo is allowed.
3. Include a link to this post in your blogpost and enter the link of your post in the inlinkz tool below. Links can be added till 31st July 2013
4. Subscribe for posts and updates about the upcoming PADE themes and posts.
5. The theme for tomorrow is Light.


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13 Responses to Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) Day 6, Theme – Layer

  1. Abhishek says:

    Nice one! Keep it up!

  2. Abhishek says:

    Liked the middle leaves the most!!!

  3. Love the photograph and interpretation…Awesome line “Under the layers, there’s a soul that lays bare”!!!!

  4. vvpvijay says:

    Great photograph difficult a better one between yours and Panktis’

  5. Interesting irony is we all know there is nothing at end and still we all try to live it or own way. Nice pic, unconventional interpretation of theme :-)

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