Bokeh – The Effect Every Photographer Loves!

Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) themes

Here is a small post to aid Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) participants in facing the PADE theme #15 – Bokeh! I chose this effect as a PADE theme because it is one of the most beautiful effects that can be used or created in photography. A lot of photo editing software provide options to add Bokeh effect artificially.

I started taking photography seriously only near the beginning of June and it was also during this time when PADE was born! PADE was designed in a way to challenge (at least my) photography skills. It was also a chance for us to look at things with the eyes of a photographer.

I do think we have come a long way in the past few days of PADE even though we have a lot more to cover.

What is Bokeh?

Bokeh is usually referred to the out-of-focus part of a photo (usually a background filled with soucres of light) Even though a better Bokeh can be achieved by using DSLR and lens with wide aperture, it can also be created by using normal cameras.

How to achieve Bokeh?

For Bokeh, the subject should be really close to the camera (~ 1 – 1.5 feet) and the source of light (for background) a minimum of 5-6 feet away.
A lens with wide aperture is favourable.
There should be sufficient light on the subject – otherwise flash can be used.
The blurred light sources in the background can also be given various shapes like hearts, squares, stars etc. (I have to try it first to talk about it).

My experiment

I tried my first Bokeh yesterday. A lot of people use Bokeh by using angel/Diwali/Christmas lights, I had to depend on lanterns and candles for my experiment.

The setup

photography. bokeh, effect, photo, pade, photo challenge

The subject is out of focus!

These are the only lanterns and candles I had at hand and I tried to arrange them as well as I could at angles and different heights.

Now, when I focus on the subject (manually), the light sources in the background are a soft blur!

photography. bokeh, effect, photo, pade, photo challenge

Subject in focus!

Not bad for a first attempt, right? At least I think so. Check out the “Related Posts” section below for some pro-bokeh tips!

I hope you got some ideas about how to approach Bokeh. I am also learning so excuse my raw images and explanations. I look forward to your entries, in the meanwhile I’m working on something special for my PADE Bokeh entry, I hope you like it.

bokeh, photography, how to, themes photography, photo challenge

The perfect background for Bokeh!

A test shot!

Please write to me for any queries!

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