Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) Day 13 – Window

Photo A Day Experiment, Day 13 : Theme Window

I believe in a higher power, I believe someone listens to our wishes and prayers. I believe our wishes are fulfilled on the basis of our karma. I have not always been a lucky person but I’m satisfied with how my life has turned out.

There are so many wishes I asked for in the past but now I am happy they didn’t come true. And then there are the wishes which got fulfilled many times over!

I had always wanted to have a balcony to my house even as a five year old. We stayed on the ground floor of our house but I always yearned for an elevated view of my neighbourhood. We had a terrace but there was something more controlled and private about a balcony that I wanted.

When I came to South Korea last year, I got a chance to live in one of the high-rise apartment buildings in Seongam-si and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Living on the 24th floor (without a balcony) but with a life-size window was no less than a miracle in my eyes.

I stayed there for four months but I cherished my window  every single day. It was a ritual of sorts to look out the window first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Read the whole When Wishes Are Fulfilled story.

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Moon on a lazy Sunday morning

* Taken early in the morning in October 2012. Oh 24th Floor, How I miss thee!!! (The photo is watermarked with the link of my old blog)

Then I had to go back to India. When I came back to Seoul again, we rented a flat in a not-so-high apartment building. It overlooks a river! I still honour my ritual of taking some time everyday to enjoy the view from my WINDOW.

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A Rainy Day – As seen from my WINDOW!

* Taken yesterday (from 6th floor) after it stopped raining! There’re clouds, mountains and river, jealous?

Photo perspective: Taken from my iPad, focus is on the rain drops!

A beautiful (but unrelated) quote on window:

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. ~ Denis Waitley 

This was my Plan B for the PADE theme – Window. I was planning to capture my eyes to interpret the – eyes are windows of the soul – but it got weird and I got scared of looking at my eyes upclose so had to scrap it.

I mean I am used to see my eyes with my face. Only eyes was creepy! Besides it was too difficult to capture my eyes (yes only eyes) at a good angle. I was looking cross-eyed in 27 of 35 clear photos out of 48 (rest were blurry). Grrr!

I’d love to see how you interpret “Window”! Check out my PADE page for more PADE fun. Visit the entries of other PADE participants and support them!

PADE Shutterbug” of Day 11 Street are Punit and Poonam. Read the winning entries here and hereCopy the Shutterbug badge from here.

Watch out this space to find out who is the Shutterbug for PADE Day 12 – Tools!

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  • Nice post. Good experiment

  • Great Captures Ritu!
    Those raindrops seem so enticing!

    And I love the way you’ve been appreciating my work for PADE!
    Thank You. :)

    • Thanks Poonam. And you truly showcase so many aspects of each theme, I am a fan your narration now :) You can make anything interesting with your words!

  • Love your second snap..superb!!!

  • Classy pics, very well captured and narrative is supe. Window of the soul too would have been great.

  • life is cool outside India .. :) as cool as it is in the country 😀 Nice captures !! South Korea word scares me to be honest … a little inclined toward political updates .. and the post broke my myth about SK :)
    both the snaps are apt to the topic ! liked them very much

    • Hey what you read about in politics is North Korea. South Korea is entirely different and a beautiful place to live in. The people are super nice and welcoming! It is one of the 15 richest countries in the world!

      • hehehehe .. I totally understand that :) I think my comment was misunderstood .. I apologize !
        I did not wish to demean the country at least sitting in India I dont have the right to :)
        Its like India and Pakistan .. who says both the countries are in trouble .. :) India ranks great in GDP :) .. If you calculate the black money in India its ranking is in top 5 .. The number of millionaires in the entire US is equal to the millionaires only in Mumbai :)
        Figures are figures !!
        Anyways I felt I offended you .. in some way hence sorry !! :)

        • I’m sorry I wasn’t offended :) My family and many other people used to confuse the two countries since they refer to both as Korea so I thought you might also be one of them and tried to distinguish the two. You are so right on the black money and GDP of India:)

  • Jealous for you having rains in Seoul? Ha ha ha…come to Mumbai…doob ke marne laayak haalat hai yahan 😛

    Nice pics, I loved the tiny moon in first pic and the tiny droplets in second :) I love rains 😀

    (P.S.: Am not in to WordPress-so dont know how, but can you put ‘Post Reply’ thing at bottom of you post? I have to scroll it to top of the post to get in to the comments section, probably this would be discouraging others too)

    • Actually I had a better WordPress theme before I started PADE, the linky tool messed up my layout so had to install new theme :( I am slowly working on making it the way I want. Having comment form at the bottom is on my hitlist too :)
      I haven’t seen the sun in 2 weeks, always cloudy and rainy. I do like rain but occasional and well timed. Hate when it stays 24*7 for many days :(

      • Same here, had been raining for 4consecutive days, and then I reached Mumbai and now there’s just some rain :/ Waiting for more…I love it like Hell (except the stale smell of dampness, of course)

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