The Sunset I Captured But Didn’t See!

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

I love sunsets. I used to love sunrises too but lately I have viewed and enjoyed more sunsets than sunrises to the ratio of 100:1. One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen was the day I didn’t see the sun but saw the sky changing colours at the golden hour. It was one of my most memorable sunsets.

It rained all day. I was a bit under the weather so even when it stopped raining in the evening, I stayed home to enjoy a strong Masala Chai. A walk at the golden hour would have been perfect but the idea of lazying around tempted me more. I spent my whole evening looking out my life-size window. I did not have a camera with me on that day so I captured it with my iPad.

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View of Sunset after rain from my apartment window

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For all the Shutterbugs, I’m hosting a daily photo challenge for the month of July in collaboration with Sfurti. Check out the details of Photo A Day Experiment (PADE).

Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) Themes

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Check out a few of my entries for the PADE contest till now – Shoes, RulesCandle, Sharp, Light. It’s time for Theme – Window today!

I hope to see some participation in PADE from you!

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