Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) – Day 14 Word

Photo A Day Experiment, Day 14 : Theme Word

The word that is most dear to us, the word that is our identity in this world, the word even our subconscious mind is trained to respond to, the word we were stamped with during infancy, our NAME. 

When I was a child, I was named Nisha which means night. I used to be a weak and prone to flu. I always had some illness or the other taking over me. My parents got worried and like all other good old school Indian parents consulted with an astrologer after reaffirming with my doctors that there was nothing wrong with me medically. A cosmic reason seemed like the only cause.

The astrologer suggested a name change and gave my parents a few alphabets and at the age of two-and-a-half I had a new identity – Ritu! I do not recall being called Nisha but I vividly remember the zillion nicknames I was awarded with by friends, relatives, family and neighbours during my childhood. Some of those might embarrass me now but at that point I didn’t mind.

It took me a lot of time to start loving my name. I always thought it was too simple, too short, too common, too something – it just wasn’t good enough. I even asked my parents to change my name officially. Luckily they never gave in.

That was till I accepted it as “The Word”. And now I love my name. I know how much I resemble the characteristics of Seasons!

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The sweetest word in my world!

Fast forward to the end of June this year when I went to Jeju for a trip. I had my first ever sandy beach experience. I had seen rocky beach in Malmo, Sweden but yearned to dip my feet in the wet sand of the beach. And probably take a walk at the shore leaving my footprints behind only to be washed over by the waves.

And guess what I did when I reached the sandy beach in Jeju on Day 1 of my trip?

I wrote “The Word” with my index finger not worrying, even for a second, how the sand could get into my nails or spoil my manicure! The dot on the ‘i’ of Ritu are two of my first ever seashells collected at the Jungmun beach! Another member of my bucket list!


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