How to eBay in Real Life – Amazon Book Review

How to eBay in Real Life (For a Living) by Sam Rovin and Jason Richner

When I decided to start making money online, I was searching for some guidance to find out a channel through which I could make some money. There are so many options available – YouTube, Blogging, Amazon and eBay (being the major players) – I chose to read about each one of them to find a good fit for me.

The title of this book intrigued me more than any other book related to ebay. Till the time I opened the book, I had no idea how ebay or other similar sites worked. I even had no idea how I could make money out of it.

The book has covered all the major aspects that every ebay novice needs to know. I think I was able to understand the basic flow of tasks and how to handle them thanks to the in-depth explanation and apt examples given by the authors.

I used to have many genius ideas about how to make money online and thankfully some of those have been explained in the book along with the results, showing me how those were not as good practically.

Cover page of the How to ebay book

How to ebay in Real Life (For a living)

ebay can be a good option for people looking to work full-time from home or just earn a few extra bucks. Learning the ropes through the experts who have been doing it for long enough and are successful is a great idea.

Some of the tips given in the book are common sense – like describing the product and the condition it is in completely – but some are really ebay specific. I think Jason Richer and Sam Rovin have done a great job with covering all the aspects of ebay that new users need to be aware of.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to make money through ebay. Check it out here.

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