What The Plus! by Guy Kawasaki – Book Review

What the Book? and Bandi & Luni’s Bookstore are the only bookstores in Seoul where I can find English Books. I am a book freak so I try to visit either of these at least once a month. My love for non-fiction is well documented on this blog so maybe no surprise that I am going to review a technical book that I read recently.

We went to CoEX mall in Gangnam area to watch a movie. We bought the tickets a couple of hours before the showtime and had enough time to walk around in the biggest underground mall in the world. But it was getting renovated and many shops were closed. To my surprise, Bandi and Luni’s was open and I barged right in (or floated in the air flying amongst the clouds).

There were many fiction books on sale but I wanted to find a business book. As usual I browsed the aisles with English books and selected 7 books to choose from. Then I sat down in a corner to browse through them and find one book to buy. I zeroed in on my favorite type of nonfiction – “How To” books and this one was by none other than Mr. Guy Kawasaki!

“What The Plus!” Version 2.0 (Google+ for the rest of Us) by Guy Kawasaki is one of the best books to read to use Google+ to its full potential. I had been using Google Plus for only a few weeks and I think I was using only 15% of its features but thanks to this book Google+ is not a mystery anymore!

Cover Page of What the Plus book by Guy Kawasaki

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The book starts right from creating an Google Plus account, inviting others to join Google + and having an impressive profile. I had no idea about that I could have a beautiful profile link like https://plus.google.com/myname rather than https://plus.google.com/106321696010410831290. (my profile – add me to your circle!)

Yay for vanity!

After explaining G Plus etiquettes, Guy Kawasaki explains the less used (or less known?) features of Google Plus like how you can use it for polling, schedule posts for your profile, private messages, public messages, chrome extensions for various specific functions and ripples!

I didn’t know any of these and the photo editing options turned out be a real lifesaver for me. I no longer had to edit my photos to upload (which I had done a few times or refrained from posting photos at all). I was also a little afraid of adding back people to my circles but thanks to this book, I can now identify the verified profiles and increase my circle without fear.

I would recommend this book to people who want to use Google+ efficiently. This book gives you practical examples to increase your internet presence. This can be really helpful to bloggers since we know how much weight-age Google gives to Google Plus signals for search engine rankings of websites and blogs.

I assure you that after this book you will never say “What the Plus?” instead you will say “What the Plus!“. Buy it here. (Amazon links are affiliate links)

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