Free WordPress Plugins I Would Recommend to All Bloggers!

Yesterday I talked about the 5 most important WordPress plugins that I would recommend other bloggers to use (read it here). Today I am here to give a few more suggestions for free WordPress plugins that you can use to ease your life as a blogger.

Free wordpress plugins for bloggers

1. Zemanta Editorial Assistant plugin

So you need images to compliment your text but don’t have any?

You want to have similar articles from the web linked to your post?

Believe it or not, finding relevant images can be very time-consuming but Zemanta Editorial assistant gives you options on the basis of your post. You can find images, additional references and some in-text links to supplement information you are giving in your blogpost WITHOUT ANY EXTRA EFFORT! It’s magical. I do not use this everyday but it comes in handy in many blog posts.

If you use your own images (70% of the time I do) or do not want to link to other websites, then you may not find this as helpful.

2. Post Layout Pro plugin

If you plan to have ads in your posts and some recurring data/image/text in your blogposts, then this plugin is going to be your best friend!

You can insert a recurring text/image/code/data above your post, in the middles of your post, at the bottom of your post, before the comment section, only on pages, categories etc.

So basically you insert the code once in the post layout pro and it displays it automatically in that position according to your preferences till it is active!

It is very easy to use and works without any glitches!

3. Contact Form 7

I have been using this plugin since day 1 of my blogging (on my own domain). It is active on my Contact Me page. It is also customizable to an extent, easy to setup and use. You can find many other contact forms but one of my favorite bloggers recommended it and I have been a fan too, ever since I started using it.

4. Social Media Widget (Plugin)

Blogging is 20% writing, 80% marketing (some wise people have already said) and with the social media interactions becoming more and more important in SEO and other blogging strategies, social medial plugins are the way to go.

You can link pretty much any of your social media website profile from your blog so tht people can follow you from your blog itself!

This actually appears as a widget (Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets) and has many options for customization. You can have your own customized image, size and style of social media logos. And every possible social media can be linked from this widget!

5. Digg Digg plugin

Another way of linking social media but this time it is your reader who can share your content from their profiles! It is also relatively easy to set up and once set, you can forget about it!

It can be displayed on the left as a floating (or fixed) display on the outside of your content, on the top of your post or the bottom. I use the floating display on left side since I have sidebar on the right hand side. I am yet to see the full advantages of using this plugin but I think it is a way of making it easy for your readers to share your content!


Other important plugins that I use sparingly:

  • Image Watermark
  •  Wordpress Importer
  • EZ inlinkz linkup
  • RSS feed checker
  • Follow button for Jetpack.

* I am not affiliated to any of the plugins/websites/developers (that explain the lack of links). I genuinely found these plugins helpful.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions and I will be happy to help!


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