Beauty is everywhere! You just have to seek it to see it!

Hi everyone! I am back with my entry to this week’s WordPress Weekly photo challenge and I have tried to make it inspirational!

When I saw this Weekly Photo Challenge – One, I searched in my collection to look for a photo where I had something especially interesting in focus to present for this post. And even though I found 7 from the past two months only, I stumbled upon a photo I clicked in the end of June for my own Photo Challenge – the Photo A Day Experiment (PADE). I had so much fun conducting this 31-day photo challenge and this was the photo for my first theme – “Alone”.

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Photo Challenge – One/Alone

Technically this flower is not in focus but there’s no way anyone can see anything else than this tiny thing emerging from the crack in the cement.

Tough little guy!

I think this photo represents how life always wins, it showcases the toughness of will! It shows how strong-will and desire can outwit adversities.

If you are facing some challenges in life, remember that you are a seed in the cement ground trying to find a way to emerge and win like this little flower. Trust me, you are a winner!

I took this picture with my Sony Xperia U (my phone with 5mP camera) but I can only guess how beautifully it would have been captured had I taken my DSLR with me to Insadong (Seoul).

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18 Responses to Beauty is everywhere! You just have to seek it to see it!

  1. What tremendous power in that fragile looking flower.

  2. Ritu, nice catch! That color really pops.


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  7. the flower stands out indeed……great composition!

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  9. Amar Naik says:

    nice composition. it stands out. perfect for theme

  10. kz says:

    great photo :) happy holidays :)

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