Bid Adieu to 2013 and welcome 2014! (Inspirational Message)

It is that time of the year when many of us are planning on changing our lives. Some of us are looking for ways to improve professionally, switch jobs, lose weight, save more money, become better humans, improve relationships, inculcate new habits or quitting old ones.

But many of use are looking at 2013, with our focus on unfinished goals, half-baked efforts, recurring unfulfilled goals and everything that could have been. I am writing this because I caught myself attending a pity-party at a café during the day today.

My own.

I do not know how it all started but I noticed my droopy shoulders, my shallow breath, the frown on my face and heavy eyelids. And in that instant I decided to take charge of my thoughts. Within an hour, I became my usual chirpy self! SO this post is all about new beginnings – especially saying goodbye to 2013 and a hello to 2014. The way it SHOULD BE done!


In the beginning of the year 2013, I decided that I would take charge of my health and lose weight (I did have a number in mind), build a sizeable audience for my blogs and become a writer. I am a pro at setting goals so obviously I had set concrete goals but sadly I did not achieve more than 30% of any of those goals in 2013.

The Bull's Eye

The Bull’s Eye

But I am not going to focus on what I did not do.

I am going to focus on what I did. What I achieved, however small, and celebrate it!

Sometimes it is a lot more easy to find faults than find something good about ourselves and give a second chance. I choose to give myself another chance in 2014 to achieve these goals.

I know I did good. In fact I did better than last year (2012) and I know that I will give my best yet in 2014!

I can only improve, grow and move forward so that is the direction I am going to look in.

I may not have achieved all of my goals but I know I tried as best as I could in the circumstances. I know there are decisions that I could have taken but didn’t, there are things I could have done but overlooked. But brooding over that is not going to change the outcome of 2013. Or is it?

However, if I make sure that I learn the lessons from my past, take decisions at the right time and take action when required, I am going to do well in my future.

There is no fun in living in the what-ifs. Isn’t it?

And above all the goals, resolutions, new years and Mondays, comes life. And being grateful for our heart still beating, body parts functioning well and loved ones being safe. Because those are the most important things in life. And while we are alive, we can do anything!

So let’s be grateful to live another year on this beautiful planet earth, learn new lessons and grow into better human beings and make the most of the time we have left, especially since we do not know how much it is!


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