My New Year Resolutions – The 2014 edition

I love opportunities to start afresh. New Years, Mondays, Month beginnings – you name it – I always have a new goal to achieve, a new milestone to strive for or simply a new habit to form. And my favorite time to start afresh is New Years eve! And my logic is that a New Year comes after 365 days and so the duration is long enough to make a change, or take a second chance (if the first attempt failed) and difficult to follow through. And I think a million people feel the same way when they set resolutions.

new year goals

So here are my resolutions for 2014!

1. Not to Focus on Weight Loss.

This is on the top of my list because “Lose Weight” has been the first goal every single day of every single year for 8 years!

I am done with that.

I really want to build my fitness levels and have a slimmer waistline but the “lose weight” goal has never really forced me to do anything substantial. In 2010 I did lose 27 lbs but slowly it all came back. And the thing that saddens me is that it was the highlight of 2010 for me.

Can you imagine? Apart from getting married, weight loss is the only thing I remember from 2010.

I do not want to spend all of my life focusing on “weight loss” and feel guilty about my lifestyle while not doing anything consistently (and substantially) to make a difference. I would rather have fun and focus on eating good food without any pressure.

2010 lost 27lbs

2011 gained *lbs

2012 lost *lbs, gained *lbs

Not what I want from my life. I want to be happy and enjoy my life. It is better to be overweight and happy than overweight and sulky!

2. Write everyday.

I have no idea why I thought of being a writer at the age of 27 with no history of writing for fun or filling journals or even knowing the grammar rules by heart. But I did and that is what I have been doing with this blog on and off (trying to improve my writing skills and also entertain anyone who visits my blog).

It did blow up in my face many times. But that’s ok. I am invincible because I never admit defeat. I keep trying.

I believe (after reading in many books) that the more you write, the better you get. So I am going to write. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. At least 500 words here or on my beauty blog!

3. Be grateful

Be thankful throughout the day and write at least 3 of those things in a journal. This might be one of the most easier-said-than-done resolutions of all time. I am a usually cheery, happy person but many times, I find myself caught in a negativity spiral. And after I hit rock bottom mentally, I start building up my positivity again.

I would prefer to catch and correct myself as soon as I am heading towards the downfall. Else the whole ordeal just drains me of my energy. I lose my appetite or eat like I will hibernate for 5 months. The pace of my life just slows down and this situation impacts my loved ones too.

By being grateful, I will be able to keep bringing my focus on what I can do, what I am doing, what I am good at, how lucky I am and how well things are rather than the opposite!

4. Listen to music. Sing & Dance EVERYDAY

This is the first time I have included this resolution on my list. I used to be a good singer (as good as some untrained singers can sing 😉 ) and a good dancer. A lot of people over the course of my life have told me how well I sing or how gracefully I dance but I feel like I am losing touch.

I do not think I danced more then 5-6 times in 2013. Of course I still sing a lot but yesterday I realized that I had not played a song in over a month!

Music, singing and dancing – these three things always kept my happy. So in order to keep the child in me alive (as I am in my late twenties), I have to do these things regularly.

5. Simplify my life – physically and mentally.

I carry a lot of baggage in my heart. And a lot of times I just forget about it and focus on my present and the future but when I am feeling down, a string of a bad experience attaches itself to my current situation and then it connects with something else and this keeps going on until I am sitting covered with a blanket of negativity.

I want to forget a lot of things, forgive a lot of people and let go of unfinished business. And most of all, I want to remember a lot of things in a different light than the gloomy definition they already have.

And I want to start being more organized. I am a makeup and clothes hoarder. I find it hard to let go which leads to overflowing closets and dresser drawers. I want to keep it all under control. And I have no idea how to define the limit to this. I think I will define it as the year progresses!

These are my top 5 personal goals.

What are your top resolutions for 2014? Do you set resolutions every year? Why or why not?

Share your thoughts!