Window to a different world!

When I hosted the Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) in July, Window was one of the themes and I interpreted it literally even though I wanted to go with the “Eyes are the windows to the Soul” idea (See the post here). When I saw this week’s theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge, I thought of going with my original idea. However, due to different factors, I had to find a new option. So let me take you to a different world!

underwater life in jeju

Photo from a submarine ride in Jeju

I took this photo with my camera in Jeju during a submarine ride. Even though the whole ride turned out to be disappointing since we didn’t go very deep and didn’t explore a lot in addition to it being a short trip (and me feeling sick), I loved seeing this other world.

We went Scuba diving on the same day a few hours later and it turned out to be more real , adventurous and fun. But some of my friends who swallowed sea water even before they went down, they could not experience this underwater life. I went twice and stayed the whole 5 mintues both time. I also fed the fishes underwater and touched corals the second time!

I had seen life under water on TV but experiencing it first hand was so surreal. It was so bright, colorful, tranquil and alive! There were many little fishes who wanted to find out what we were doing in their territory but they were friendly.

It was and will remain one of the best experiences of my life! Jeju was a beautiful place and amongst all the activities one can do, scuba diving is (in my opinion) the most adventurous and fun. The best part is that you do not need to even know swimming to experience this. But you are afraid of going 40 feet under water (the scuba diving limit in Jeju), go for the submarine ride. You will be dry and much more comfortable!  And of course you get to take pictures. I never found my Scuba diving videos on their blog so that is a bummer however it does not bother me anymore. I can close my eyes and be there in an instant!

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