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I had decided to be anonymous when I initially started blogging. But once I started blogging regularly and doing the Daily Prompts, I found my soul bare on the blog. And I decided not to remain anonymous anymore, it made no sense anyway. I showed my real name, shared a bit about my life and also my family. But I still want to keep my family photos away from the World Wide Web so for this Weekly Photo Challenge – Family, I am going to share my thoughts about family but not sharing their photos.

I believe that a family is formed out of love, it is not necessarily a by-birth sort of institution for many people but it is a matter of connecting with the people we love. A family without love is no family at all.

A family celebrates similarities and differences!

weekly photo challenge family

A family of individuals!!!

So here is a family of cupcakes who are essentially the same but different just like my family. I and my siblings have some ridiculously similar habits while we have very different personalities and preferences in life. I am very different in my approach to life (generation gap? haha) but I am in many ways a reflection of my parents!

Growing up I absorbed their habits, thinking, patterns and preferences like a sponge but as I am growing mature, I am making my own habits, choosing different thoughts and following new patterns. And my family still loves me like they did before. Aren’t I lucky? You bet!

I love the concept of “brother from another mother” and “sister from another mister”!!! Cheers to the wonderful people in our lives – the ones we are related to by birth and the ones we choose to keep close.

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